As adults 62 and better age, it can be more beneficial to make the move to independent living, even as your needs are still fairly minimal.

Being a life plan community with a big focus on independent living, staying active, and making the most of everyday—Knollwood in NW, DC certainly knows a bit on this subject—but maybe you don’t.

Here are some of the benefits of independent living:

  1. Added convenience and less worry—with the hassles of home maintenance and yard work covered
  2. Lots of living options—stylish, modern apartment homes of various sizes to suit any need
  3. A variety of classes, programs and special events like live music, engaging speakers, and special trips
  4. An active and social community where you can build new, enriching friendships

Let’s dive in a little more, shall we?

1.) For starters, what is independent living?

More often than not, an independent living community boasts its own campus, which includes things like a variety of apartment-home models, enticing amenities, 24-hr security—all under one roof. Many communities even offer other services or living options like assisted living or rehabilitation services. With independent living—the key is convenience.

2.) What are the amenities like? What classes are available?

From restaurant-style dining or a fitness studio and swimming pool, to areas designated for social events and arts classes, independent living communities are built around convenience and engagement—so you can have a night out to dinner with friends, without having to get in your car.

A range of classes and programs offer something for everyone—whether you’re into arts & culture, want to learn a new language, or perfect your backstroke—there’s probably a class for it! You can continue to hone your old hobbies, and develop some new ones along the way.

3.) How important is the location?

There are so many ways location can play into your independent living decision. Do you wish to stay in the area? How important is it to remain close to friends and family? Proximity plays a role in many choices, such as being in or around a major city that offers plenty of cultural and culinary attractions.

In Knollwood’s case, being just minutes from downtown DC allows for exciting daily excursions. From shopping and dining to new exhibits at galleries and museums, there’s so much to explore.

4.) How do I make the transition to independent living?

You want to pick the community that’s right for you, and taking a tour or two can allow you to really immerse yourself in the experience, ask questions, and gauge if it’s the right fit. And don’t forget, you’ll want to understand all the financial parameters involved, and get on a waiting list, as many communities have one for independent living.

Then, when you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can begin looking into rightsizing and moving resources, to get rid of unwanted or unnecessary items.

5.) What happens if my needs change?

Maintaining an active and engaging lifestyle is one of the many benefits provided by independent living. But, as we get older, our needs may change—it’s all a part of life!

Like Knollwood, many communities offer continuum of care services—meaning that along with independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation, memory care, and other long-term care services are offered and available at any time. The best part is that no matter what your situation down the line looks like, you won’t have to leave the life you’ve built, or the friendships you’ve made in your new community.

Ultimately, independent living empowers you to lead a fulfilling life, with everything you could want—all in one place—without the hassles of home maintenance. Plus, it enables you to maintain complete autonomy over your own life, so you don’t have to give up the things you love.

Experience an enhanced quality of life, create new friendships, and enjoy greater peace of mind—knowing that more support is available wherever or whenever you need it. What could be better?


Have additional independent living questions? Or, want to know more about Knollwood’s continuum of care? Call 202-541-0149 and also ask to schedule a personal tour!