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For more than 60 years, ADF (Army Distaff Foundation) has been delivering cutting-edge housing, health, and wellness programs for the Knollwood Life Plan Community in NW Washington, DC.

ADF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 1959 that built, owns, and operates Knollwood, a community for people age 62 and better. ADF is led by a prominent Board of Directors with fiduciary, strategic, and operational responsibilities for Knollwood.

Delivering Excellence in Health and Wellness

On May 15, 2019, ADF’s Board of Directors approved the overarching strategy presented below to guide the future path of the organization. The Board of Directors envisions a future in which Knollwood becomes a healthy aging center of excellence that delivers optimal wellness to residents, guided by strong and innovative ADF leadership. The ultimate goal is ensuring that the people we serve enjoy compassionate, engaged community living with an exceptional health and wellness experience.



Provide a compassionate community with exceptional wellness care and purposeful living for older adults who served our nation.


Be a national leader in developing and implementing an innovative health and wellness experience for older adults, inspiring Knollwood residents and other communities by excellent example.



ADF is devoted to providing a caring, compassionate, socially engaging community with a top-notch health and wellness experience, so people thrive.


ADF will be excellent stewards of resources and pursue our mission and vision with integrity.


ADF will always strive to treat Knollwood residents, Knollwood guests, and Knollwood teammates with dignity and honor.


ADF will pursue the highest levels of quality and value in all that they do.

Thought Leaders in Healthy Aging

Pursues partnerships and collaborations

Pursues partnerships and collaborations

with academia, business, government, and non-profits to identify and explore new technologies and innovations in healthy aging.

Applies, tests, and showcases

Applies, tests, and showcases

creative new approaches at Knollwood, including digital opportunities in care coordination.

Disseminates best practices

Disseminates best practices

and transformational results achieved at Knollwood, to inform and inspire other providers nationwide.

Embraces an engaged leadership

Embraces an engaged leadership

role emphasizing strategic planning and financial stewardship.

Expands fundraising efforts

Expands fundraising efforts

based on new and compelling investment opportunities in healthy aging initiatives and wellness programs.

ADF ensures

ADF ensures that Knollwood residents enjoy compassionate, caring, engaged community living with an exceptional health and wellness experience.

ADF's work

Through ADF’s work, Knollwood receives the best in health and wellness programming and inspires other communities to follow suit through excellent example.

Online or in person, ADF supports meaningful connections

Online or in person, ADF supports meaningful connections with Knollwood staff, residents, and their family members.

Learn more about ADF's work

Learn more about ADF’s work to create a healthy aging center of excellence at Knollwood.

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Board of Directors

General John M. Keane, USA (Ret.)

Chairman of the Board

Lois N. Callahan

Board Member
President, Knollwood Resident Association

MG Anthony C. Funkhouser, PE, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

MG Timothy McHale, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

VADM Frank Pandolfe, USN (Ret.), PhD

Board Member
CEO, Pan Global Strategies

Colonel Elizabeth Cowles Harrell, MSN, RNC, USAF (Ret.)

Board Member

Gary D. Hibbs, M.S.W., J.D.

Board Member
President and CEO, ADF

Mary Anne Hilliard, Esq., R.N., FAAN

Board Member

Col (Dr.) Jacqueline N. King, MD, FAAFP, USA (Ret.)

Board Member

Matthew Lawlor

Board Member

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Ideally situated on 16 beautiful wooded acres in NW Washington, DC’s Rock Creek Park, Knollwood is an award-winning community—complete with fun, holistic wellness programs and access to world-class medical services. More than a must-see, it’s a must-experience!

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