Meet Knollwood Resident Thelma M.!

Thelma M., a longtime resident of Knollwood, is an enthusiastic member of our community. Her connections to our nation’s armed forces run deep, as she is both the widow and daughter of Army officers, and her stepson was an officer in the Air Force. She also has...

Discover our Grand Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom with Balcony!

While you were raising your family, you expanded your living space whenever needed to accommodate your growing family. You might have built an addition or moved to a larger house. Your family was the focus of that household, and you most certainly needed the extra...

Fall Is When Maintenance-Free Living Gets Good!

It is that time of year again, and fall is here.  For many, fall means an arrival of an extensive to-do list. That list typically includes cleaning out gutters, raking leaves, putting up the storm windows, taking care of lingering repairs that are now time-sensitive...

Exploring Home Customization Options At Knollwood

Exploring Home Customization Options At Knollwood

No matter which residence you choose at our community, you’re guaranteed to enjoy officer-class comforts in your new home. As an additional benefit, we offer several home customization options, so you can let your space reflect your personal style. Ranging from the...

Now That You’re Off Duty, We’re At Your Service

Now That You’re Off Duty, We’re At Your Service

Knollwood is a premier active continuing care retirement community dedicated to serving retired military officers and their families. The community offers four levels of care: (1) independent living, (2) assisted living, (3) skilled nursing care, and (4) the Special...

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Spring Open House - Knollwood Community

Sorry you missed our Spring Open House. Click the link to learn why Uniformed Officers and their families call Knollwood home and to schedule your personal one-on-one tour.

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