Knollwood, among the first in COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration—leads to lasting peace of mind.

Before “Coronavirus” was even a household word, Knollwood was at the forefront of preemptive measures to keep the community safe. In fact, Knollwood was one the first life plan communities to implement universal testing for all staff and residents before it was mandated by public health officials. With safety and well-being always a top priority, there was no way Knollwood leaders would wait until symptoms surfaced.

As soon as the vaccine was made available, Knollwood, once again, was among the first in administering it to residents because of proactive strategies and tactics. In partnership with Walgreens, pharmacists were on site several times—providing COVID-19 vaccinations to over 1,000 residents and staff members. With social distancing protocols in place, it was a well-choreographed event, to say the least. To date, over 98% of residents and 92% of staff have received the vaccine.

“We are honored to be among the first groups of recipients to become inoculated against this new virus that has taken countless lives and limited the ability to live life freely the last nine months.”
– COL Paul Bricker, Knollwood’s Chief Operating Officer

Special thanks to all the healthcare professionals and operations teammates who continue to keep this amazing community #KnollwoodStrong.