Info: 202-541-0400 Marketing and Admissions: 202-541-0149
Info: 202-541-0400
Marketing and Admissions: 202-541-0149


The Army Distaff Foundation (ADF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 1959 that built, owns, and operates Knollwood. ADF is led by a prominent Board of Directors with fiduciary, strategic, and operational responsibilities for Knollwood. Led by General John M. Keane, USA, (Ret.), the Board works with a senior management team and an association of Knollwood residents to provide a caring, compassionate, socially engaging community with a top-notch health and wellness experience so people thrive.

Beyond operating Knollwood, ADF is a national thought leader on a mission to help all older Americans age well by developing, applying, evaluating, and sharing new and innovative approaches in healthy aging..

Please visit The Army Distaff Foundation’s website to learn more.

GEN John M. Keane, USA (Ret)

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