In a place where community is everything, Knollwood knows the value and importance of strong support. During the COVID-19 pandemic, once active Knollwood clubs and groups had to cease activity for the safety and well-being of residents and staff. But with loosening restrictions, former favorites have returned and new groups have begun to emerge. Of those new groups, the Knollwood “Pet Lovers” group has made a welcome addition for all animal lovers in the community.

Having a pet comes with several benefits–including keeping people active and engaged, as well as providing a loyal companion. As a pet-friendly community, Knollwood is home to many proud pet owners. After realizing just how many pet owners there were here, residents Cluaid Hockaday and Sidney Peters say an opportunity to form a friendly support group.

Founded on inclusiveness, the group is open to those with pets and those without, where, according to Knollwood’s Director of Sales & Marketing Carol Ann McCormick, “the common thread is their love of four-footed friends.

The group meets periodically, mainly gathering for check-ins and to welcome both new and longtime residents. Among the many topics discussed, group members have the opportunity to announce openings for pet sitters or dog walkers, which has proven particularly helpful for Pet Lovers co-founder (and avid traveler) Sidney Peters.

Just this year, Peters spent 3 weeks in Europe and one week in Colorado, in addition to leaving Knollwood for several other long weekends. During that period, four group members pitched in to keep watch over Savannah, her 14-year-old cat.

The idea for having a rotation of available pet helpers came from her experience living in Wyoming, where a close-knit community of neighbors were always willing in a pinch to watch a neighbor’s pet.

Having such a strong community of animal lovers has also proven helpful to those who’ve lost pets. The Pet Lovers group offers a safe haven for those who wish to seek support from those who can empathize. Peters recently lost her cat, Charleston, and Hockaday is considering getting a new cat sometime in the future.

Another helpful aspect of this group is the bank of supplies available to pet owners. All pets are different, and if, for example, one pet doesn’t enjoy a specific type of food, the cans or bags won’t go to waste. They are made available for anyone in the group. Plus, there are always plenty of extra treats to go around.

The Knollwood community is excited to see the Pet Lovers group up and running and is thrilled at the opportunity to enrich so many lives–of residents and their furry friends.