Meet Mavis Mueller, a 95-year-old resident in our Independent Living apartments. She’s lived at Knollwood for more than a decade and has lived a life worth talking about. To give a glimpse, we asked her a few questions about her 13 years at Knollwood …

How did you hear about Knollwood?

My husband and I heard about Knollwood through an advertisement we saw in the [MOAA] Officer’s Magazine. We were not ready to move in quite yet, but we decided to stop in for a tour of the facility. During the tour, we knew that Knollwood would be the next step for us. We went home and tabled the conversation for a later date because we had some traveling to before we were ready to move.

My husband and I traveled all around the world revisiting all of the places he was stationed while in the military, including Beijing, and traveling all across the U.S. We had a great life together!

After traveling, we began to revisit the thought of moving to Knollwood, but that quickly came to a halt because my husband became ill with cancer. I wanted to make sure that he lived out the rest of his life where he felt the most comfortable –  at home. After his passing, I knew it was time to move to Knollwood, but I did not want to give up my home, my sense of independence, and my connection to my life… so I didn’t.

Knollwood gave me the ability to feel like I could have the best of both worlds – a facility where I could live and people to look out for me and my beautiful home on the water in Annapolis that I drove to every week to visit with family and neighborhood friends. I drove home every week until I couldn’t drive on my own any longer.

What has been the best part about living here at Knollwood?

The best part about living at Knollwood is the staff. Everyone is so friendly and caring. I have lots of friends and everyone is very happy. I am able to keep a sense of independence.

How do your children feel about you living here at Knollwood?

They absolutely love it. They see how everyone takes care of me and it makes them so happy. Being here also gives the children the opportunity to enjoy the house that I did not have to get rid of when I moved into Knollwood.

What activities have you been involved in while living here?

When I was able to, I volunteered all the time in the resident store and in the cafe.

How was your time in the SCC/HSC?

Wonderful! At 95, it is not really heard of that you end up in the hospital and have the ability to go back home to independent living. They took such good care of me down there – they are like earth angels.

Mrs. Mueller’s love letter to Knollwood:

Thank you Knollwood.

If you want to know what heaven is just spend some time in SCC. The expert medical team and earth angels are flying all around to help every time you call or ring the bell for them. The goodness, kindness, love and care comes straight from their hearts and heaven!!!

Thank you Knollwood for SCC, HSC and rehab! My 32 days there proves it! And at 95, I did not have to travel away from my home place.