While you were raising your family, you expanded your living space whenever needed to accommodate your growing family. You might have built an addition or moved to a larger house. Your family was the focus of that household, and you most certainly needed the extra space. Now, the kids have grown up and moved out and have their own children. While your children need more space as their families expand, you need something that fits your active, retired lifestyle.

Part of the reason we plan for retirement is so we can spend less time on household chores and more time doing the things we want to do – engaging in hobbies, traveling, writing, relaxing. Whatever your retirement plans are, Knollwood is designed to help you achieve them – in first-class comfort.

As you consider your next home, the Grand Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom with Balcony floor plan offered at Knollwood might be exactly what you are looking for. The floor plan has an efficient layout designed for living. Part of planning for your move should include a look at the space you use all the time in your current house. Many people find that they use the same few rooms all the time: the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining room. Extra living space becomes just extra upkeep and time spent cleaning.

The Grand Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom with Balcony has the extra space and amenities you need for when family, grandchildren or guests visit. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, a walk-in closet and a walk-out to the balcony. The balcony provides access to nature and fresh air during the mild months. Its large glass doors allow ample natural light into your bedroom, so even in the cooler months, you can enjoy the views outside your balcony while still enjoying your cozy, warm home.

The second bedroom is situated on the opposite side of the living space to provide just enough privacy. Whether you use it as a den, a guest room, a hobby room or an office, this space is far enough away that early birds and night owls can live together without interrupting each other. The second bedroom also has easy access to the second bathroom.

The location of the laundry room once again highlights the intelligent design of the Grand Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom with Balcony. Located off the foyer, the laundry area is separated from the main living area. The living room and dining room make up the remaining open, sizable living space that many of us spend the majority of our time using.

Everyone has different requirements for layout and space. Both downsizing and decluttering can be very liberating experiences! They allow you to clear out the excess and focus on what’s important to you. Plus – the Grand Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom with Balcony boasts 1,885 square feet – which is large compared to many of the townhouses and apartments in major cities like nearby Washington, D.C. Choosing Knollwood means you’ll have plenty of space with the entire metropolitan area just outside the community.

Don’t let too much space, unneeded chores and upkeep on a house that you no longer need prevent you from enjoying your retirement. Let your new lifestyle spark the plans you have made for travel, hobbies and perhaps even adventures that you have put off until the right time.