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Info: 202-541-0400
Marketing and Admissions: 202-541-0149


Located on 16 exquisite green acres in northwest Washington, D.C., Knollwood is a military life plan community for those who have experienced the unique life of military and civil service. Knollwood offers comfortable and affordable apartments, elegant public areas and easy access to the cultural pleasures of the nation’s capital.

At Knollwood, you’ll find yourself totally at ease with the officer class comforts and companionship that surround you. You’ll enjoy camaraderie and stimulating conversations with your sociable, well-traveled neighbors. Knollwood is a community in which one instantly feels at home.

Knollwood Military Life Plan Community

  • CMS 5-Star Rated Care
  • Nearly 300+ individuals
  • All Military Branches represented
  • Full Continuum of care
    • Independent Living
    • Assisted Living
    • Special Care Center and Rehab
    • Memory Support

Life is easier at Knollwood. No worries about a home or cooking or cleaning. You just enjoy life.

– Knollwood resident


“The evolution of The Army Distaff Foundation presents a unique opportunity for philanthropic partnership that’s worthy of your support. It is my hope that you will join me in supporting this great cause, which needs to be secured for the betterment of future military generations.”

- General John M. Keane, USA (Ret.)

Chairman of the Board, The Army Distaff Foundation

Eligibility for the independent and assisted living communities at Knollwood is reserved for:

  • Officers from all U.S. Uniformed Services who are in receipt of military or government retirement pay and their spouses, surviving spouses, divorcees, parents, parents-in-law, children and siblings. Family members of retirement-eligible, active duty officers and reserve officers are eligible, regardless of race, national origin, religion, sex, disability or age.
  • Senior-level federal workers with a civil service grade of GS-14 or equivalent and above, including Foreign Service officers in FS Class 1, 2 or 3.
  • Post September 11, 2001 service members with severe war-related injuries who receive Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)
  • Those not eligible based on the criteria above may be welcomed to Knollwood by waiver from our CEO.

Eligibility for the Skilled Nursing Center at Knollwood, the Health Services Center and Special Care Center is open to the public, although priority is given to current Knollwood community residents. Direct admission to the assisted living and skilled nursing communities is permitted, although rare.



To apply for residency at Knollwood, please download the application and send it along with the requested documentation to:

6200 Oregon Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015



As a non-profit charitable organization committed to providing safe, secure, affordable housing with innovative, first-rate care—and offering these services regardless of the ability to pay—we require donor support. Corporations, foundations, and individuals have been partnering with us for more than a half century, working with us to transform lives through program support.

Knollwood’s fundraising activities are managed by the Army Distaff Foundation (ADF), which built, owns, and operates Knollwood. To learn about ADF’s work or to make a donation, click here.


With charitable support, we ensure Knollwood remains vibrant and strong well into the future. This includes repair, modernization, and upgrades to the campus to give residents a better life. We maintain the most sophisticated network and communications infrastructure required for advanced health and wellness technology initiatives at Knollwood.


With charitable support, we are always seeking out innovative approaches in healthy aging and applying them at Knollwood to deliver optimal care for our residents. We ensure our community is applying the latest advances in healthy aging, so residents live a better life. We aspire to share our work with other communities so that all older Americans age with dignity and respect.


With charitable support, we retain our founding purpose by ensuring residents who lack the ability to sustain themselves through end of life receive life-affirming care at Knollwood.

Petros Marafatsos

Judy Caldwell

Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Harris

“The Professionalism and dedication of (the) nursing staff, from top to bottom, is simply without equal.”

- Knollwood Resident

“I appreciate the independence that residents are given and the warm welcome that I received coming into Knollwood as a new resident.”

- Knollwood Resident

“Knollwood has a diversity of people who bring with them their unique life experiences and military camaraderie.”

- Knollwood Resident

“The location is wonderful. You’re in the nation’s capital, but tucked away in a green, quiet setting.”

- Knollwood Resident

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