So Proud of Our Brave and Hard-Working Staff

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions and that’s precisely what the staff at Knollwood is delivering each day during COVID-19. From our leadership and supervisors to the dining team and healthcare professionals, they are leaders in this fight, proving they are up to the challenge.

Protecting Knollwood’s residents and staff is our number one priority and that’s why we were the first Life Plan Community in the metro Washington, DC area to begin testing of all our residents and staff the week of April 8th. We completed 100% testing of everyone, whether they were showing symptoms of COVID-19 or not. In doing so, we learned that some employees and even residents were positive yet didn’t show any signs. These were the hidden asymptomatic links in our defense and we were determined to find them, readjust our approach and prioritize our actions to stay ahead of the curve. We continue retesting to clear all people who have been positive.

Since the onset of this challenging virus, we have always had faith in our team. The pride, determination and professionalism come through each and every day. We know this fight is not over, and we remain ever vigilant.  Our Knollwood heroes are standing up to the challenge, sacrificing and serving others with distinction during these extraordinary times. We are immensely thankful to them as we remain Knollwood strong!