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Knollwood herd immunity community

Achieving Herd Immunity Through Vaccination 

Knollwood was among the first senior living communities in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. to receive COVID vaccines in January of 2021. By late summer, over 95% of the residents and staff had been vaccinated. It was no small feat to achieve this significant milestone. Come October, herd immunity was achieved as 99% of the Knollwood community had been vaccinated. According to the Mayo Clinic, using the concept of herd immunity, vaccines have successfully controlled contagious diseases. 

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CECA Award

Knollwood R.N. Receives Ceca Foundation’s Annual Award

Knollwood is especially pleased to honor Margo Buda, R.N., Clinic Nurse Manager for being recognized as an extraordinary health caregiver by Ceca Foundation with a 2020 Annual Ceca Award. Ceca Foundation is a nonprofit, who partners with communities to recognize their outstanding employees.

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Among the first in COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration


Before “Coronavirus” was even a household word, Knollwood was at the forefront of preemptive measures to keep the community safe. In fact, Knollwood was one the first life plan communities to implement universal testing for all staff and residents before it was mandated by public health officials. As soon as the vaccine was made available, Knollwood, once again, was among the first in administering it to its residents because of proactive strategies and tactics. In partnership with Walgreens, pharmacists were on site for two days—providing COVID-19 vaccinations to nearly 600 residents and staff members.

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Rapid Test Machine

Knollwood Testing Lab Gives Residents Confidence

Knollwood is managed by an amazing set of leaders who have been focused, decisive and undeterred in 2020. The pandemic has been challenging to say the least, but Knollwood leaders set up a Coronavirus Review Board to take swift, informed actions to fight the invisible enemy. Overseen by the CEO, COO and the Medical Director, the Board made the decision to become the first Life Plan Community in the region to conduct universal testing to identify asymptomatic carriers to shut down the virus. A generous donor also made it possible for Knollwood to open an onsite testing lab with COVID-19 equipment to process tests within minutes. Knollwood Strong!

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